Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ha kul ljud och oljud

There is a shop close to where I live where they sell clothes from the "Fjällräven" brand. This is a Swedish brand, and some of the clothes have Swedish printed on them. This one was a bit weird... It says:

"Ha ljud och oljud djur, till exempel skogsträd vajande i vinden, tyst, inte erfarenhet av i vardagen"

This is not correct Swedish. It is even somewhat difficult to understand what they may have been aiming for. Not it says something like: "Have sounds and noise animals, for example trees swaying in the wind, quietly, not experience of daily life" (the grammatical mistakes are imitating the grammatical mistakes in the Swedish). Who designs these shirts? Since it is a Swedish brand, you would think they had someone available who can write Swedish.

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