Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I love Hokkaido playing cards and hiragana playing cards

I found and bought a deck of "I love Hokkaido" playing cards yesterday. They had Hokkaido dialect expressions printed on each card (and the clubs had a map of Hokkaido instead of the normal club mark). I showed these to some of my Hokkaido born friends, and they became very excited. They were fascinated by some words being dialectal (that they thought were "standard" Japanese), said that some expressions were not used by anyone they know, and laughed about some expressions that they use a lot.

I also got a bag full of hiragana playing card. A magician friend had just come back from Hakodate, where he apparently bought every deck of hiragana cards he found, just to give them to me. This is great, since I have not seen these in the shops in Sapporo lately, and I use up a lot of these decks when doing magic.

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