Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Scandinavian sweets in Japan?

The Japanese image of Scandinavia apparently includes a lot of owls.

A few years ago when my Swedish friends were in Sapporo, we visited a place called Tapio. They were there a few weeks ago again, and yesterday we dropped by all three of us again. They wondered if the staff would recognize them from a few weeks ago. When we entered, one guy came up and said very loudly: "Ah! Jonas!"... I know him from another place he used to work, though I did not know that he know works at Tapio. He did however also remember the other two.

"Scandinavian" waffles
Tapio is named after a Finnish forest god and the whole place is decorated in a Scandinavian way (or what Japanese people think is Scandinavian). There was a lot of wood (which is not so common in Japan, but very common in Sweden), for instance.

They also had "Scandinavian home made waffles" on the menu. These looked very much like Japanese waffles, which are similar to American waffles but not similar at all to Swedish waffles, though. The also had the word "fika" written on the menu. This is a very Swedish thing (there is even a Wikipedia entry about it), and it was used in a more or less correct way.
It is necessary to enjoy oneself over a delicious cake and delicious sake. And, happiness must visit you.

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