Friday, May 15, 2015

Monja yaki

I recently had monjayaki (Japanese food, see the photos). This is a bit difficult to make properly. The first time I tried it, my Japanese friend made it but made the wall too loose so all the liquid stuff leaked out and ran off the table...

This time we had the staff make it for us. This resulted in good monjayaki, but the girl making it also managed to splash me with this, so I got some monja colored spots on my previously white t-shirt, and some fairly hot things landing on my leg. She apologized, of course, and I said I was fine. The t-shirt became pretty white again using my glass of water and the small towel you get in Japanese restaurants.

Most places that serve monjayaki also serve okonomiyaki. I prefer trying to make the okonomiyaki myself (it is not difficult), so I did. It turned out fine (it usually does).

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