Saturday, October 24, 2015

One more try at the Sapporo Factory Trick Art Exhibition

Another of my friends wanted to go to a trick art exhibition again, and it was a good opportunity for me to go back and try things that were not possible when I wore a yukata last time I was there. So I wore a jinbei instead. Very easy to move around in.

This exhibit was difficult to get right, it was impossible to find an angle where the pillars on the right and the pillars on the left were all straight.

It was difficult to get the pillars straight here too,

I finally managed to get the settings on my camera right to get photos of me jumping that were not blurry and not extremely dark.

This pose was one of the recommended ones but it was very difficult to get the hands and feet into the right locations at the same time. Maybe I am too short?

After an hour or so in the trick art exhibition, we also had some food in the Sapporo Factory food court like atrium. I had a "super spicy" steamed bun. It was good, but not as spicy as you might expect from the name.

Weirdly colored milk shakes. The green one is banana.

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