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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Incredible amounts of food (Swedish-Japanese party)

On Sunday I was invited to a "home party". When I was invited I was told that the person inviting me mainly wanted to introduce me to a Swedish girl that is "incredibly cute". And also married, but still...

The person organizing the party held it in her own home, and everyone was supposed to bring some food to share with everyone else. Participants were the organizer, her husband, the Japanese woman who invited me, me, a Swedish friend of mine, and the cute girl.

Swedish Christmas sweets made in Osaka.
Other Swedish sweets, made in Sapporo.
My Swedish friend impressed everyone by bringing traditional Swedish Christmas sweets that he baked in Osaka. His oven here in Sapporo is too small to be useful, so he travelled down to Osaka to use his friend's oven there.

Swedish Christmas food.
Close up of the Christmas food.
The Swedish girl made a traditional Swedish Christmas dish which is kind of an anchovy casserole, described in English and Japanese at Wikipedia. Quite impressive, and very good.

My contribution.
I brought some Dutch waffles that I bought at the airport in Amsterdam... not so impressive. But still tasty.

There were of course enormous amounts of Japanese food too. And when you could finally see the end of the food orgy, the husband decided that since food was running low he would go out and buy sushi and yakitori too... A lot of good food, but as usual way too much food.

There was also a lot of fun and interesting conversation. I for instance learned that the Swedish girl who is married to a Japanese man does not speak Swedish at home. Nor Japanese. Nor English, which might have been a reasonable guess. In fact, they speak Chinese at home. Which makes very little sense, but there was a perfectly logical explanation.


  1. LOL... 'incredibly cute'....and married. Det var bra! haha. They're trying very hard I guess ^___^
    Lussekatter,Oh I forgot it's Luciadagen today. Grattis:)
    Jonssons frestelse...mmm I'll try to make it this year too. Never did that by myself.
    Your contribution was very.... Dutch haha. But I see it was very 'international' party. Sounds like lot of fun!^^

  2. It was fun. And lots of good food. Too much, as usual. Good luck with the Janssons frestelse :-)

  3. Wow. They speak Chinese together at home. Very interesting. So they met in China or something? I met a couple once who lived in the UK. The husband was from Russia and the wife was from Brazil. They sometimes communicated in English and Spanish but mainly French.

  4. As I understand it, they were both training kung-fu like things in China when they first met, so they ended up speaking Chinese to each other.

    Much in the same way, when I was in Taiwan and walked around with my (Taiwanese) friend, we spoke Japanese to each other (since that is the only language we both know).