Monday, December 19, 2011

Magical party and lightly dressed people

Me in the Sapporo winter.
After our big stage show, the university magic club had a party too. In the club, you can only be a member for three years. This was my third year, so me and the other people who entered at the same time got flowers and a present at the party.

My flowers.
Every year it used to be a tradition that you had to make a promise about your stage performance ("I will not drop any thing during my juggling performance") and if you could not fulfil that you had to take the responsibility by being punished in some way that you decided yourself ("I will cut off all my hair"). This year, it seems there was no such system, but I figured I had not really lived up to my own expectations (and traditionally, all the third year students have to promise that they will be the most highly ranked performer of the year, meaning most will fail to live up to their promises :-) so I took it upon myself to do last years punishment (last year everything went fine, so I did not have to do it then).

The party place. Notice people wearing down jackets and coats...
So I went to the party in shorts and a t-shirt, which was a bit cold (minus 5 degrees Celsius outside). As a bonus, it turned out that the party was held on top of the Norubesa building. As in "not inside the Norubesa building" but actually on top. There were plastic sheets used as walls/windows, so there was no wind but it was still cold. I found the chair closest to the one lonely gas burner used to keep the staff vaguely warm, and sat there :-)

My friend, the stove.
Many of the others came up to me when we were waiting outside and asked what was up with my clothes. Funnily enough, the first one to ask was touching his own muffler when he asked it, and since I thought it was cold outside I also had a muffler, so I took his question to mean "Why are you wearing a muffler?" and I answered "I think it is cold outside today, so I wore a muffler". Another guy standing nearby thought that was funny, and every time someone would ask what was up with my clothes he would jump in and say "Jonas thinks it is cold today so he is wearing a muffler". I guess there is a first time for irony to be understood in Japan too :-)

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