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Friday, December 9, 2011

When urine research

We have a whiteboard where someone has defined URIs. Lots of URIs. From URI 1 to URI N. So in the middle of lots of incomprehensible stuff, someone spelled out URINE with large letters.

This reminds me that the Germans that picked the name for the huge EU project we are (possibly) part of decided that "P-medicine" would be a good name. Our professor showed up and started telling us that we were now working for the "pee medicine" project. It took some time to figure out what he was talking about. And telling the people in charge that they might consider picking a different name had no effect. It would have been a good and funny name if the project had anything to do with pee, but it has not.


  1. LOL!
    This board just reminds me bout my philosophy/ philosophy lessons I had. Universe here and there, science, senses... Basically doesn't matter what was on the board, but it looked pretty much the same:)And some 'misspellings' we had.. gosh what a shame none took a photo of it...

  2. Apparently, our whiteboard is super expensive can save the contents itself, so I do not even have to take a picture of it. If anyone could figure out how to make it work. Maybe we should set it to autosave everything just in case something funny turns up :-)