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Monday, December 19, 2011

Stage Magic Show

On Saturday, December 17, our university magic club had its yearly big stage magic show. This year it was the 40th Magic Festival ・ 2011年12月17日「第40回Magic Festival」. About 30 magicians did all kinds of magic for about two hours. Since my camera broke that morning, I do not really have any good pictures from the event, but it was a lot of fun.

Me producing lots of balls from a flower pot.

My performance did not go as well as it could have, but the audience seemed happy enough. I could not see anything since the seats of the audience were in the dark and I had a strong spotlight in my eyes (I could just barely see the things I was using during my performance) but people came up to me afterwards and said they liked my performance. Pretty much everyone said they thought it was too short though. Which I guess is good praise in some sense, since they apparently wanted to see more.

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