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Monday, September 3, 2012

DaiDonDen: Akkey

A voodoo doll
A magician I know, Akkey (アッキー) was performing at the DaiDonDen, so I went to see him. Twice. The first day he was outside and he did a lot of magic but also some juggling. He juggled with clubs and threw a spinning diabolo very high into the air. The second day he was in the underground area, and could not do so much juggling.

Akkey was very funny. He did things like "the worlds fastest balloon art", where he made a dove from a long balloon in under 3 seconds. He did the linking ring tricks using "the worlds coolest performance style for linking rings". He also used me as the person to make fun of with his juggling clubs the first day, and asked me to come up and help him the second day since I had a funny t-shirt on.

The worlds coolest way to link two rings.
A drawing that became animated and then became a normal  drawing  again.

A spectator was asked to throw cards into the air, and Akkey would then hit them with a PET-bottle wrapped in tape (sticky side out) to catch only the one card signed by the spectator.

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