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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pasta in Toyohira and in Susukino

Recently I end up having a lot of pasta. I went to my friends place "Garbanzo" and had pasta carbonara there a few days ago. Garbanzo is always nice, with a great view in the new location they moved to this year.

I also went to a pasta place in the Toyohira ward where I lived the first six months I stayed in Sapporo. After I learned about that place, I went there once or twice per week while I still lived close, and the master there was always willing to speak to me in Japanese so it was great practice for me at the time. I even brought my parents to this very small place when they were in Japan, and my mom and the wife of the master had a long discussion about patch work and embroidery (with me as interpreter). Anyway, you get pasta served in big bowls, and it is cheap and good. The place is called "Yude age spaghetti".

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