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Monday, September 3, 2012

Sapporo DaiDonDen 2012 (札幌だいどんでん2012)

Sexy Davinci
During the weekend we had the DaiDonDen street performance festival in Sapporo. There were jugglers, comedians, dancers, acrobats, magicians, mimes, and many other types of performers. Many dance schools etc. had their students perform too.

Last year it was raining and most of the performances were canceled. This year the weather was great, though a bit too hot (33℃).

The very funny juggler 三雲いおり

A magician I know from Asahikawa

The Seshami Street Boys playing shamisen in strange ways

Another magician I know

There was lots of hula dancing

I saw these unicycle dancing performers once before, and they were great back then too

There was also belly dancing

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