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Friday, September 14, 2012

Magic, fish, alcohol and guns; recipe for a good evening

Last night my colleague finally had time to take me to a bar he had randomly wandered into and had been shown magic in. We first ate some soup curry, and then went to the bar "Cafe & Saloon Hearty"

The interior decoration was very nice. Most things were wood, and they had a chandelier type thing made from deer antlers. There were also antique guns from someones gun collection on the walls, and a big aquarium with very expensive looking fish.

They also had a very large selection of drinks, and the master likes magic. He handed me a deck of cards and asked me to do some magic. I ended up doing magic for him and his friend, then a table of girls that happened to be there at the same time as us (the master wanted to film me with his cell phone so he asked them if they wanted to see some magic), then again for the master and his staff, and finally for another group of women who seemed to be regulars in the bar.

I kept hammering nails into my nose, mainly. But they seemed happy enough with that. One woman had been to one of our magic bars, though not when I was there.

We got some drinks for free for having entertained the other guests so well.

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