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Monday, September 3, 2012

DaiDonDen: Sexy Davinci

There was a book with pictures of Sexy Davinci that went from blank to black-and-white to color by using "sexy magic".

The second performance I went to see was "Sexy Davinci" and his "sexy show". He had a very funny persona; a real diva. He loves himself very much, and a lot of things were stuff like a fountain of photos of him spurting out as a "special favor" so people could pick up these small flyers and save these treasured photos, haha. If you gave a large tip after the show, you also got an even bigger picture of Sexy Davinci.

He did some magic, which was pretty standard magic tricks but with a very nice and inspiring presentation. He also did some juggling. The longest parts were him singing, which he did very well. The most impressive parts were him doing baton twirling, which he also did very well. The funniest parts were when he ripped off pieces of his clothing to become even more sexy, which was a recurring theme throughout the show.

Sexy Davinci is very kind and hands out lots of pictures of himself for the benefit of other people who of course would love to have such things!
Very funny. Highly recommended.

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