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Monday, September 10, 2012

Not so Turkish food on a birthday

Last week it was one of my friend's birthday. I asked her what she wanted to eat for her birthday and she said she wanted to eat Turkish food. There is a nice Turkish restaurant right outside our university, and the Turkish guy who owns and runs the place is very nice to talk to too. So I recommended this place and we decided to meet outside the restaurant.

It turns out that this restaurant is closed on Wednesdays, which was not so great for us since it was on a Wednesday we met up outside that restaurant...

In the end we ended up eating Korean food instead, a few kilometers to the south of the Turkish place. We also had cake at a place nearby. The Korean food was very nice. Neither of us had been to this restaurant before, though we have had Korean food together several times.

The cake place was also kind of funny. They have a "Two pieces of cake and one drink" set that you can order. Probably this is for people who really like cake (there is also a set with one cake and one drink), but it is perfect for the two of us since I do not drink coffee or anything like that, so we want one drink and two pieces of cake. We ordered a set like that. When the waitress came with the things to our table, she brought only one fork, though. We asked for one more fork and she looked very surprised. I wonder what she thought we would use the extra fork for, and what she imagined I was doing in the place at all :-)

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