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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Italian at Ozonico

The entrees at this place are always great

I booked a table for two at an Italian restaurant I used to frequent a few years ago. This was the first time in about two years to go there again. First I was going with a girl I recently got to know, but two days after all the "when do you have time to go?" (Japanese people work too much so finding time when you both are free is often difficult) etc. had finished and I had made reservations she decided she wanted to go visit her family in a different part of Hokkaido instead (this type of thing happens to me all the time in Japan, but rarely in Sweden; and it never happens to anyone else I know).

Sanma, a fish that comes here during the autumn

Since I did not want to disappoint the restaurant (in our magic bar we get bookings where people never show up or where they cancel at the last moment and that is annoying; you get extra sad when someone booked on a really slow business day like I had done) by cancelling, I asked another friend to tag along instead. We had some very nice Italian food.

The place is called Ozonico, and the interior decorations etc. are also nice. In the summer they have tables outside too, on a balcony on the third floor.

Pumpkin mousse 

Bread, which was good. Free refills, which was perhaps too much... and I am trying to lose weight too...

This quiche was excellent!

A nice soup

Pasta with spicy tomato sauce

A small salad to "reset" your mouth so you can enjoy the taste of the main dish.

Roasted lamb with beans and wine sauce

Some fish, which was great.

We had a choice of about ten different desserts, and I picked the orange tart.

My friend picked strawberry mousse.

And we also got catalana

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