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Friday, January 25, 2013

"American" menu

My colleagues were raving about a place that serves American style hamburgers. Last week we tried to go there but it was full so we could not get a table. A few weeks before, the same thing happened. This week, my colleagues had me book a table in advance (since I can speak Japanese well enough to book a table over the phone) and we finally got to go there together.

 The hamburgers were indeed nice. They also had a menu with "interesting" English translations.

Gingarale and Pepsi Coke are two funny translations/spelling variants.

Tom Colines is probably wrong, but I especially like the Orabge Blossom

Supmoni, another interesting spelling of orang, and of course the whole Campali section.

Painapple sounded interesting so I ordered a painapple based drink. Tasted less of pain and more of pineapple, but still.
This was called pizza, and was somewhat similar to pizza. It was good, though.

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