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Friday, January 18, 2013

Food and 3D

This week me and some of my colleagues tried to go out and eat hamburgers at a place they tell me is great. We tried once before, but then it was full and we could not get a table. This time too, the place was not actually full but all the seats were booked by people who were about to arrive, so we could not get a table this time either.

Instead, we went to a nearby izakaya and ate Japanese food. We also discussed all kinds of things and one topic that came up was 3D printing. We have a broken 3D printer in our lab, which was probably extremely expensive when it was bought (long before I came to our lab). Nowadays, 3D printers are much cheaper.

We also had a Swedish friend of mine who is here on four weeks of vacation now with us to dinner. He turned out to know a lot about 3D printing, and even though we were then ones who brought this topic up, he later produced a cup from his bag which was made by 3D printing! Why he had a cup in his bag is a mystery, why he had brought this cup from Sweden to Japan is also a mystery, and the fact that he had brought this 3D printed cup to Japan is a strange coincidence.

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