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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sudden deafness, 9 weeks

Not so much has happened on the sudden deafness side of my life. I hear most sounds again, and I still do not hear low frequencies at all on my left ear (but hopefully the low frequencies will also come back later). This makes my brain think that the face or the ear are paralyzed when you for instance run a comb near the left ear (since the sensory inputs do not match up; you feel something moving but the low frequency so that should accompany that are not present), though to a lesser extent than before. The gradual cut down in steroids progresses and I now only take 5 mg of steroids per day, and in one week from today I will stop completely.

The side effects of the steroids have gone down a bit now that I am not taking such large doses any more. My skin looks nicer, I am less hungry all the time.

Taking all these steroids weakens your immune system so I have been staying away from people to large extents. I have gone to my job, since I rarely meet people there anyway (large room, few coworkers). Apart from that, I have been at home watching movies on my laptop for 9 weeks, which I have grown very tired of. I had managed to stay healthy for 8 weeks through this procedure of boredom, but three days ago I got a cold. It is not that bad, but still a bit annoying.

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