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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Two man magic show at another start of the new year party

Yesterday me and my boss in the magic bar went to a hotel and did a magic show for about an hour. It was the shinnenkai (start of the new year party) for the company where one of our regular customers work. They asked us to do magic for them last year too. It was about 60~70 guests, and they were having dinner (a very nice dinner it looked like) while we did our show.

First I did a card trick where I hammer a big nail into my nose to help with determining which card has been selected. I also produced a bunch of flower boxes out of an empty paper bag. Then me and my boss went around to the different tables and did close up magic for half an hour or so. I did some mentalist style card predictions, and I produced sushi from my t-shirt.

Finally, my boss got up on the small stage and mad a signed card end up inside an unopened PET-bottle, and made the company name magically appear on his t-shirt.

Backstage in the very fancy waiting room we had to ourselves, we got fruits, sandwiches, tea, coffee, all kinds of nice stuff.

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