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Friday, January 18, 2013


On Tuesday we had a conference here at our university. Having a conference in Sapporo in January is risky, since we get a lot of snow during the winters. We get around 6 meters of snow per year, most of it in January and February. This means that there are many days when the airport is closed due to heavy snow etc.

We did have snow problems for our conference, but of an unexpected type. There was a lot of snow falling in Sapporo, but not enough to close down airports or trains (since the infrastructure here is made to function in "normal" snowfall conditions). There was however also snow falling in Tokyo, which is not so common. They had so much snow that the Tokyo airport closed, and the people coming from Tokyo could not reach Sapporo. The people who flew in from Osaka or Fukuoka had no problems, though.

I gave a presentation at the conference and managed to show 85 slides in 10 minutes (most of the slides were screenshots from a movie, so just stepping through them was a quick affair). I also demoed a system I have built (on my laptop screen in the photo above).

After the conference there was also a dinner party. It was pretty much mandatory and cost 5000 yen. The food was quite nice, though, as was the company.

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