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Monday, October 28, 2013

Everyone goes like a zombie

Zombie selfie after finishing putting on the make-up.

A friend of mine said that: "We are all going to a Halloween party. We are all going as zombies! We even bought latex for make-up effects. And I bought a Halloween costume that has a skirt that is so short I was super surprised. Also, there will be a foreigner doing a magic show at the party." The event was also located about two minutes by foot from my apartment.

Zombie selfie 7 hours later, in the shabby toilet of a club.

Everyone keeps telling me that while the zombie look is good, I should do something different. I wanted to do something different this year, but since everyone else was going like zombies, for the first day I also did my old zombie routine. I tried to make my hair white by using chalk this year (to have something new), but it did not change very much.

After receiving a glowing bracelet and putting it inside the blood stained shirt.

I took some time off from the magic bar and went to a party early in the evening (the one my friends were going to). Then I went to our magic bar, performed magic for three groups of customers, and then it seemed to be more or less over for the night, so I left again. I went to another Halloween party (where I found my friends again, and some other people I know). I also had time to drop by Bottom Cafe on my way home, where they have seen my zombie face before.

Zombie selfie 12 hours later, at home.

While walking around in Sapporo to get from one place to another, lots of people stared at me. One bouncer for some (presumably) prostitution place said: "Ah, same as last year" to his colleague when I passed.

I ran into one of our magic bar regular customers and walked up to him and said hello. He was very very surprised, as were the people he was with who wondered how he came to know someone looking like me.

I also noticed another of our regulars when I was standing in line outside the club with the huge Halloween party I went to late at night. I said "Hi" and he took a picture of me. He keeps running into me when I look weird and then puts pictures of me on Facebook. This time it was a zombie, another time I wore a shirt saying: "In some sense, a GOD" in Japanese, so he took a picture of me in the middle of a department store.

I also ended up waiting at a red light together with a  woman who was also covered in blood. We talked a bit about that, and she then asked if I was a magician. She turned out to be another performer at a Bondage/S&M event where I am supposed to do magic next month. A surprising coincidence.

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