Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween party at alife 2013

alife has a small dance floor, which was very crowded.

In our magic bar, we are most busy from around 21 to about midnight. In Sapporo, the subway and buses stop shortly after midnight, so anyone looking to go home by public transportation and not partying until the morning (they start again at 06:00) leave at midnight. This meant I could skip work from about 23:45 and instead go to another Halloween party.

A corridor leading to the small (they also have two other dance floors, but they are more "tiny" than small) dance floor.
My friends had gone to the club "alife" (which is read as "ei life"), and a magician colleague said his wife would go there at around three in the morning too, and I have some other acquaintances that go there every year too. alife has the biggest Halloween party in Sapporo, I think. This year I am told over 1000 people attended. This means the place is way too crowded, and you cannot move. In some corridors, you were pushed around and just flowed with the stream while being in a lot of pain, which was unpleasant. They should let in less people, I think. Even if that had meant me waiting outside another half hour.

Waiting in the rain.
When standing in the rain outside, waiting to get in, I was asked to show some ID. People under 20, or whatever age limit they might have had, are not allowed in, apparently. Since I am 37, I was a bit surprised to be asked to show some ID, but since my face was covered in paint and blood, I guess it is best to make sure. I also met a guy I know, who keeps running into me when I look weird in strange locations.

Once inside, I was stuck behind a group of 10 or so girls dressed as "sexy policewomen zombies". They thought my face was amazing, and asked to take some photos with me, so we blocked the whole entrance for a few minutes... They were more sexy and cute than they were zombies, but they did all have scar tissue and blood on their cheeks.

My zombie friends, with their two devil friends.
After leaving the zombie police girl group, I immediately ran into my friends from the previous party. They were heading to a different part of the club since the dance floor was too crowded. I took a quick look around by myself to see if there were any other people there that I knew, and to see what other costumes people were wearing.
Avatar, with a full body blue suit, including a tail.
There were a lot of "sexy police" and very very many Snowwhites. There were also quite a few "sexy Mario". This was a bit surprising to me, since the Mario character is not something I would think of as "sexy". There were also many French maid costumes, and a lot of zombies.
This gorilla suit must have been unbelievably hot.
Some people had very impressive costumes. Many people also came up to me and asked if they could take a picture with me (which of course they could), so I guess there are many tens of photos of me floating around Twitter and Facebook that I will never see.

A Canadian with fake breasts.

When I later found my friends again, they had also found a Canadian guy now working for Apple in Tokyo. He had bought fake breasts in Akihabara that he said had a very realistic feel to them. Everyone was invited to touch them, and the girls kept touching his fake breasts for about 10 minutes or so. They were very impressed with how real they felt.

Not Swedish vodka.
This guy also thought everyone should do tequila shots, which they did when I was away. He thought I should by lots of tequila too, but I said that in Sweden we drink vodka. In the end, we ended up having vodka shots instead (though it was not Swedish vodka).

My blurry photo of another friend.
I spotted another friend far away, and went looking for her to say hello. I met her outside alife last Halloween too (when I was walking home from work). I found her and took a picture (which ended up very blurry) again, and we also later ran into each other at Bottom Cafe, where we both went after the alife party was over. Two years ago, she was dressed as a very impressive Hatsune Mike, and I was dressed in a blond wig and a fake "foreigner nose" to look like a foreigner. That was a good year.

Later, I ran into two girls who took one photo each together with me, and then gave me Halloween chocolate.

I also had a guy come up to me and give me a glowing bracelet. I put it inside my blood drenched shirt, and it looked a bit like the glowing thing Iron Man has.

I was also arrested and handcuffed by the zombie police. Who turned out to have misplaced her keys for the cuffs! But it turned out you could get out of the cuffs without keys.

There were apparently some scheduled events during the party. Like a costume competition with huge sums of money as prizes. I would have liked to enter, but had no idea there was a contest. My friends told me they had seen some "sexy male dancers" performing. The only thing I saw was a group of female dancers dancing on a small stage for a few songs. They looked like accident victims and nurses, and (probably) belonged to the "Party Dolls" group.

After I left, I got home at around 6 in the morning. Then it took about 40 minutes to get the paint and blood off. After checking e-mails, answering work related things, etc. it was around 7 when I finally got to bed. At 10:27, the fire alarm of our building told me that: "There is a fire. Calmly run for your life!" So I got up and tried to calmly run for my life, while grabbing some clothes and my passport etc. When I reached the sixth floor (I live on the ninth) some people were coming back up and they told me it was a false alarm. Which was good, but my sleep was completely ruined and I spent the rest of the day in a zombie like state.

Some zombies that wanted to take a photo with me.
I liked this "the Joker" guy.
This guy had a zipper on his face, similar to me one year ago.
The DJs where also in costume. I liked the Mario (not aiming for a "sexy Mario" but for an actual Mario Mario).

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