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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Funny t-shirts

I bought some more t-shirts in Tokyo on my way home from Saitama. I already have t-shirts with pigs eating a Japanese pork dish, cows eating beef steak, and a hen eating eggs. I bought one more with the hen, since my old one is a yellow shirt and the black looks better. I also found a salmon eating salmon sushi, bears eating bear paws (a Japanese dish), and rabbits looking at a rabbit fur coat.

I also wanted to buy a t-shirt that said "aho gaijin" ("idiot foreigner") in Japanese, but they only came in the size "large as a tent". There was also a nice t-shirt that said "Starwars coffe" and had a picture of a storm trooper instead of the Starbucks woman, but again they only had tent sized shirts left.


  1. . I bought yet another with the hen, since my old one is a yellow shirt and the black appears better.


    1. I also first bought a yellow one, but the black one is better so I bought the one above too. :-)

    2. I bought these in a t-shirt shop across the street from the JR Harajuku station (closer to the area of the subway station than to Takeshita street). You can also sometimes find these shirts in Don Quixote or Village Vanguard.