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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vaguely suggestive titles, and pictures of naked women: My job

We had a conference here that I had to send a two page paper to, and present a poster at. It does not count as a publication (so the motivation to put in large amounts of effort is very low), starts obscenely early in the morning, requires you to be there even though almost all presentations are completely unrelated to anything you do (it spans lots of research areas), etc. etc. So it is a waste of time, but in a positive sense I guess you can see it as "I got paid for playing Angry Birds and WordFeud on an Android tablet for three days", which is not bad.

You have to stand at least three hours by your poster, in case anyone is interested in what you do. I had a total of 1 visitor during those three hours. He gave me lots of feedback on things he though I should do instead of the research I am doing, most of them being similar to "Why do you do visualization of medical data when you can do theoretical data mining on synthetic data from completely different fields?", so not so practically applicable in our project on visualizing medical data.

My poster is pictured above, and has a suggestive title (that still correctly describes the contents of the research) and a picture of a naked woman (at least I think it is a woman, it is hard to tell without skin).

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