Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New camera!

Since my old camera broke, I bought a new camera today. It is a Canon Powershot S100. I have not had time to use it yet, but it seems like a nice camera.


  1. Congratulations! Hope it will be good:)
    Will it fit in this tiny, cute bag you bought?

    //I'm just dreaming about new lens...

  2. It seems like a good camera. A friend of mine in Sweden recommended a few different models to me, and this was the best one of the cameras that are small enough to fit into my pocket. (In Japan, there are so many strange things that you want to take pictures of that you have to have a camera with you constantly :-)

    It fits quite nicely in my tiny suitcase style camera bag, yes :-)

    I have been thinking of buying a "real" camera with nice lenses etc. but they are too big for me to carry around except in very special circumstances, so I never got around to do it. My father and my brother both have excellent (but huge) cameras, so they always get much better pictures than I do.

  3. I have one old (film camera it's like.. love of my life lol), but developing here in Sweden is sooo freaking expensive,and I'm not using it so often. I have one bigger too(heavy brick:/)but no lens to it (just from film camera). And as you said...when you need to take camera everywhere with you, it's much smarter to get little one like you have. Carrying around big camera is no fun. Specially that I usually have plenty of other things to do or take care of(my little girl).But when you're stubborn like me it's quiet hard to change some habits^^