Friday, January 6, 2012

A magical surprise

Some of the food at our faculty party.
Today we had the university staff "start of the new year"-party, with 90 minutes of all you can eat and drink. Not good if you are trying to get rid of all the extra kilos from the New Year food orgies...

Fruit is expensive in Japan (strangely enough, since it is hot here), so I  concentrated on this corner.
I was talking to an old friend when he introduced me to a Japanese professor he knows. My friend said I was a magician, and it turned out that the Japanese guy has recently started practicing magic too. So he wanted me to show him something. I said I had not brought any things with me, but he said "No problem" and took out a deck of Bicycle cards from his own bag! I was quite surprised to find a fellow magician (in training) at the faculty party, and surprised that anyone had brought cards...
My fellow magician doing some card trick.

Raw fish is always popular. 

I did a short trick for him and he showed some things too. Later he asked me to show him more magic several times, and I ended up doing quite a lot of magic. I also ran out of business cards, since a lot of people watching said they wanted to come to our magic bar to see more.

My first plate, of several.

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