Thursday, January 19, 2012

Swedish ice cream

Not ice cream (cheese covered bacon wrapped rice lumps)
Yesterday I went out to eat with my Swedish and Greek colleagues again. They like cheap places, so we had unlimited drinking for 800 yen. There was also unlimited ice cream for 290 yen including 18 types of ice cream from many different countries.

Swedish ice cream! Number two in popularity!
There was "Swedish" ice cream, which was quite blue and had the label "mint chocolate". It was pretty good, and it was number two on their popularity ranking list (number one was Belgian chocolate ice cream). Other memorable types included:

Potato ice cream
Potato ice cream (OK, so it is sweet potato, but it is still ice cream that tastes like potatoes...)

Tea ice cream, both green tea (maccha) and Japanese brown tea (houjicha).

Grey ice cream (label was missing, probably sesame seed ice cream).

Grey ice cream with uncertain taste.

Half of the ice cream stock they had.


  1. Hey! I stumbled upon your blog when I googled "used cameras and lens in sapporo". And as a fellow foreigner living in Sapporo took a look at a few of your posts. Hoping to find some new places to check out! And here is one that looks amazing! Do you mind sharing where this is?

    1. I will write the reply in a comment here, so other people who may want to know can also find it.

      This is an izakaya at the top (8th floor) of the "La Filer" (ラフィラ) department store (the department store at the Susukino station). It is the first restaurant on the left when you get out of the elevators, and it is called 炭火居酒屋 炎 ("sumibi izakaya En").

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