Thursday, January 19, 2012

Woman eaten alive by Angry Birds in Sapporo?!

On my way to work, I saw a woman with birds sitting in her hair. They left her head before I got my camera out, though. I am guessing she was feeding them, but it still looked funny.


  1. At least she wasn't attacked by crows. They are lethal. Last summer I saw this salary get chase by a group of crows on his bike! He had his briefcase above his head cos they were swooping down at him.

  2. Yes, one of my friends who no longer lives in Japan was once attacked by a crow on campus and it drew blood from her scalp with its talons. They get angry and defensive if you go close to their eggs/chicks, I am told. So the university puts up signs at various places during those seasons telling you to be careful in certain areas.