Monday, January 16, 2012

Sushi and alcohol

On Saturday, someone brought children with them to our magic bar. This happens sometimes, but it is not very common. It was nice to do magic for children again. Towards the end of their time in our magic bar, one of the children, about 8 years old perhaps, told me: "Excuse me, but this is not ginger ale [what he ordered]. It tastes very bitter." It turned out that my colleague had mixed something up and poured the ginger ale into a glass with lots of gin in it... Very cute reaction from the kid when tasting gin for (presumably) the first time.

We also had another customer who ordered sushi for 5 people (he came with one friend). He asked for 4 pieces of "Russian roulette", which means super strong wasabi is hidden in 4 random pieces of sushi. We magicians got lots of sushi too, but in the end the guy ended up eating two of the super spicy ones himself... while watching me do magic. It was quite funny to see his face suddenly change color.

I ended up getting only normal wasabi, and this sushi place makes very nice sushi, so for me it was a good day.


  1. Oh strong wasabi this feeling's like you're brain is on fire:)
    My husband bought once pizza called 'Inferno'...well it was like inferno times 1000 :) It felt like they've put just strong powder and no tomato sous. He ate and cried(almost), but didn't want to give up. I still wonder if he was brave or stupid XD

  2. In our case, it was not so bad. I have not run into wasabi that is strong enough to make you cry (though it makes your nose hurt sometimes), but then again, I do not actually go out of my way looking for such things either... I am sure there must be strong wasabi around here somewhere.

  3. I love that random wasabi brain freeze you get unexpectedly. That "russian roulette" game sounds pretty fun. I might try it at my next sushi party.....without telling anyone. Ha!

    1. Good luck! :-)

      Hope your friends still stay friends with you even after an unexpected Russian roulette :-)