Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year Holiday

I went to Saitama (near Tokyo) to visit my brother's girlfriend's parents, who live there. My brother and his girlfriend also came to Japan, so we met up in Saitama.

I ate way too much food (all of it delicious), did 3 magic shows, saw mount Fuji (you can see it from their living room), bought some weird t-shirts, and generally had a good time.

I will update the blog more when I have time, now that I am back and actually have a computer at hand. First out is just a picture of my luggage for my 4 day stay in Saitama. In the "big" bag I just about managed to fit 3 t-shirts and the same amount of underwear. The small bag is much much heavier, and is full of magic props.


  1. Oh, lovely bags^^
    Wonder....why 'magic' is so heavy?? Shouldn't be the other way around :P

  2. These bags are nice, yes! :-)

    The magic bag is full of lots of wonderful things. The other bag only has clothes for three days. Of course it is not heavy :-)