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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chance meetings and more Valentine's sadness

Yesterday was a busy day and I was stuck at work until late and got home around 22.00. I then went out looking for food, and ended up sitting next to a guy in a bar who was a huge fan of Swedish and Norwegian death metal and black metal. He also took over the bar's DJ system and started playing Swedish death metal while I waited for my food.

Then I went to see a friend who works in a different bar, who said some people from Mie-ken (further south in Japan) were here in Sapporo again. One of them, a cute girl with very low salary, gave me 22,000 yen as a tip for a magic trick last year (though both me and my friend agreed that this was way too much, so I gave most of it back the next day), so I remembered them quite clearly. It was fun meeting them again.

Then I went to discuss a few things with my colleagues in one of our magic bars. There I met one of the celebrities of Team NACS (the people starring in the TV show I appeared on last year). He was in the magic bar with some friends watching magic. He remembered me too. He is a very very nice person.

The girl who makes drinks one day per week in the magic bar I do magic in also showed up (she was partying in a place across the hall). Since it was after midnight, and thus February the 14th, she came to give out Valentine's Day chocolate. (In Japan, women give chocolate to men on Valentine's Day. To men they like, but there is also "giri-choco", "duty chocolate", which women have to give to everyone they work with and other people they are duty bound to.) She gave a very cute little bag of chocolate to our owner, and a very cute little bag of chocolate to the young magician there, and then she looked at me and said: "Oh, Jonas. Sorry..." The (sad) story of my life...

My magician friend told me that he "is too popular with the women" so he had already received so much chocolate that it would be impossible to finish it before the expiration dates (quite impressive at around 1 A.M. on Valentine's Day, or anytime during Valentine's Day actually, haha). So he gave me one of his pieces of chocolate.

The start of my 7th (I have been in Japan for a total of five and a half years, but this is my seventh winter (I always come here in the winter and have moved back to Sweden one summer) Valentine's Day in Japan is thus not very promising.

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