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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

No more snow festival

The Sapporo Snow Festival ended on Sunday, and on Monday they were busy tearing all the sculptures down. Now there is nothing left to see (except large piles of snow).


  1. Why did they destroyed it?? Couldn't it stay there little longer? Will they take away snow from there because it's not good place??
    We have sand festival in summer in Poland, and all sculpts are usually till they'll be destroyed by the weather.

    1. I think they tear down the sculptures because they are afraid things could fall down and kill people either when the sculptures melt or if people were to play with (climb on) them. Or that people would climb up the sculptures and then fall down and hurt themselves. Some of these are 10 meters tall.

      It would also make quite a big mess if such large amounts of snow melted in the middle of the city, so most of the snow will be shipped out of the city center later.