Friday, February 17, 2012

Magic and sweet beans

Food boiled in Coca Cola
Today I had a very busy day. I had to work, of course, and I spent my lunch break at the local tax office. There I watched as several people tried to figure out how to fill out various forms for me after having earned some money in Sweden that should be taxed in Japan. They were very helpful, and seemed very happy when I told them that I had done something similar once before, so they could probably see in the system what had happened last time.

I worked some more, and then went off to teach Swedish to a very nice Japanese family in the evening. They lived a few years in Stockholm and speak Swedish quite well. Sometimes we meet so they can practice speaking and hopefully not forget all the Swedish they learned.

After that, I ran off to our magic bar for the monthly magic class. People who know little or no magic can come the third Thursday every month and learn interesting magic tricks. Today there were 6 new people there. After that, the bar got unexpectedly busy too, with groups of 4, 4, 5, and 4 guests showing up more or less at the same time. So I decided to help out and do some magic today too. There were some cute girls that were very impressed (one of them remembered my name from a previous visit) and even wanted to take pictures together with all the magicians, and lots of other nice customers.

At around 00:30, I left to go find something to eat. I had not time for lunch and no time for dinner until that time, which meant I was quite hungry.

Sweet bean paste, in packages with dragons (it is the year of the dragon now)

Some of the new guests of the magic class gave me two packs of sweet bean paste (for unclear reasons) before they left, though. So I ate one pack just to keep up the blood sugar enough to stay standing while doing magic for all the guests that showed up...

When I finally got dinner, a long boiling experiment that they had been doing in Bottom Cafe (where I ate) was just finished (at around 2:00), so I got a bowl of pork/egg/leek boiled in Coca Cola to try too. This was very nice. There were also some cute customers sitting at the counter, one of whom asked to see some magic tricks. She seemed impressed.

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  1. Very busy man you are:) I'm glad to hear everything seems to be quiet well. Cute customers are always nice guests:P