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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Indonesian omiyage

In Japan, you have to give a small present to everyone you know, including colleagues etc., every time you travel somewhere. These presents when you come home from a trip are called "omiyage", which thus roughly translates to souvenirs. For domestic trips, omiyage is usually something edible, but it can be actual things too.

Yesterday I got an omiyage from a friend who has just come back from Indonesia. It is an "o-mamori", a good luck charm or amulet. It is made out of silver and it is a small bell, so it makes a sound when moved.

I attached it to a dream catcher, which is an omiyage from another friend who went to Guam, that I have hanging in my room. It was ringing softly all night, so either this dream catcher is very busy catching bad dreams for me, or it could just be that it is hanging below the ventilation for the kitchen fan, I guess.

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