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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Clipping weird things to your ears

Today I met up with an old friend who lives in Hakodate. We went to see another friend, who gave birth to her second child not that long ago. My Hakodate friend is considered weird by most people I have met, but not in a bad way. Today, she found something on the kitchen table, assumed it was a toy, and tried to clip it to her ears. She then turned to our other friend and said: "How are you supposed to clip this to your ears? It hurts a lot the way I do it."

It was however not a toy. It is a neckband for making a normal handkerchief or small towel into a bib. You clip this thing to a piece of cloth and you can hang that around the neck of your child, adjust the length of the band, and feed your child messy food.

Everyone else around the table found it quite funny that someone would try to clip it to her ears, and the clips were indeed very powerful so that would hurt quite a lot... So in the year she has lived in Hakodate, she has not changed at all. Still weird.

There were also cookies, baked in Canada and sent here. A very nice afternoon.

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