Friday, February 24, 2012

Sapporo's magic "snack pub" Ropossa

Swallowing a balloon.

Yesterday I went to a magic "snack pub" (in Japan, "snack" means a bar were people, usually flirty waitresses, will talk to you while you drink at a usually fixed but high price) called Ropossa (Sapporo backwards, when written in Japanese).

Having swallowed most of a balloon.
The "mama" of this place does magic and she is very funny. She is for instance very good at swallowing 2 meters long balloons.

Kiritanpo (rice)

Dried fish

There is some light food included when you go to Ropossa, and yesterday it was "kiritanpo", a kind of rice based food. It was quite good. When I finished my (fairly small) serving, I was asked if  I was still hungry (which I was) and if I wanted some more. I said yes, but just a little. Mama came out with about twice as much as in my first serving... It was hard getting it all down.

Presents received yesterday.
Whenever I go to Ropossa, there are new interesting games (usually from a German company that specializes in educational games for kids). I also end up walking home with huge amounts of curious items that I receive as presents... Yesterday was no exception.

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