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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Magic and Italian food in Garbanzo

Garlic toast, made especially small for me (since I was there and alone and wanted to eat other things too)
Today I stayed at the university working until 22:30. Which means I got home slightly after eleven. There are still lots of restaurants open where I live, even after midnight. I went to an Italian restaurant called Garbanzo today. The owner/chef there is an acquaintance of mine, and he too does some magic.
Pasta American (Amerikeenu), shrimp, cheese, pasta, and a very nice sauce.
I had some very nice food. When I was about to leave, the owner told me that if I had time, I should do magic for a couple who were also dining late. They were friends of his. I had plenty of time, so I did a short magic show for them. They were very impressed, but even more impressed by my proficiency of Japanese. People are usually quite impressed even if you just manage to say "hello" in Japanese, so it does not necessarily mean that one should be proud, though.

Some of the wine I received from some other guests.
After my magic, they asked me to sit down at their table and drink some of their wine. They also asked me about my life in Sapporo (how it is to live here if you have grown up in a very different culture) and where I had learned Japanese etc. The woman gave me her business card. She is the owner of a pair of dance schools, it seems.

A bottle of alcohol shaped like the country of Italy!

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