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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Working late

Recently I keep getting stuck at work until way too late. Yesterday we had a seminar, and for some reason we have all our seminars from 18.00 until whatever time the presenters finish. Sometimes 19.00, sometimes 22:30... Someone told me that the law does not actually allow our university to have classes after 17:00 (or maybe it was 18:00? well, much earlier than we do), but our professor once explained that when he was a student he slept only 4 hours per day, and the rest of the time he was at the university working. He also said he thinks everyone should do just that, or otherwise how would your research make enough progress?

My take is that if you sleep only 4 hours per day, you will probably not work very efficiently during the remaining 20 hours, so there would still be more progress if you led a more normal life but actually could concentrate when working. It is after all work that you have to do a lot of thinking for.

Anyway, most of our students seem to have chosen to work very few hours and compensate by working very slowly and inefficiently during those hours :-) And sleep during the seminars. But most of them have jobs to earn enough money to pay the tuition, so I guess they are busy with that.

So this week I have been stuck at the university until around 10 P.M. every night (and my contract explicitly forbids me from getting paid for overtime). Yesterday I snapped a few pictures of the campus by night.

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