Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Showing magic to people who have seen a lot of magic

A while back I met a man who lives in Tokyo and apparently watches a lot of magic. He has been to most magic bars in Tokyo, for instance. I have only been to around 10 magic bars in Tokyo.

An iPhone stand picks up a named number of cards from a shuffled deck
Counting out exactly 23 cards picked up by the iPhone stand

I was asked to show him some magic and since I was the last magician to join our magic bar and since everyone makes sure not to do any tricks the other magicians do, I do a lot of "rare" tricks. I pulled out the least known but still entertaining and puzzling tricks or most original tricks that I do and showed them to him. He seemed quite puzzled.

Determining the perfect match
Stabbing a pen knife into a deck of pretty girls
And it keeps coming back to a picture of me (dressed like a geisha)

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