Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Chance meetings when working at a hospital

I was asked to do a magic show at a hospital. They have events where they have various sorts of entertainments for their patients and for the people living nearby. They had rolled out patients on stretchers down to the lobby area (and patients that could walk or who were in wheelchairs were also there), and the place was open to the public.

My resting space was huge
It had snacks

I got a huge room to set up my magic stuff and to change clothes if necessary. They had asked me to perform in a yukata, so I showed up already dressed like that and only had to unpack my magic props to get ready.

Lobby where the performances were held

Apart from me, there was also some food stands outside where they sold barbecue chicken and shaved ice. There were also fresh vegetables from nearby farmers (if I understood correctly). There was also a group of female musicians called "Amuse" that had a "mini concert" after my magic show.

The musicians shared the backstage room with me. When they showed up the asked me if I remembered them, which I actually did when I saw them. They also performed at a Valentine's event where I did a magic show. Strange coincidence. They had performed at this hospital several times before, but for me it was the first time. I had been recommended by a magician friend who lives near the hospital (and whose ex-girlfriend works there and gave me a ride to the subway afterwards).

After the shows were over, we took some photos together. I also had an old man walk up to me and ask me if I like corn. He gave me some very fresh corn that turned out to be great.

I found mentions of this show on a few Japanese blogs. One is the blog of the hospital, one is on the news page of the hospital, one is from someone visiting the event.

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