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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Boston shaker and strange cocktails


The result, and more practice in the background

The restaurant next doors 

My friend who is now a bartender at One Star Bar has decided to learn how to use a Boston shaker. He knows how to use a normal shaker, but apparently/possibly the way you use a Boston shaker is slightly different, and hopefully cooler, he tells me.

This meant he did not want me to order anything that did not require shaking. So I ended up drinking a lot of strange cocktails. He produced some coconut milk that some customer had brought because they wanted some cocktail to be made using coconut milk (and not milk + coconut liqueur that many bars use). They only wanted one cocktail, though, so they left the rest of the coconut milk and my friend thought it would be good for me to try out the more uncommon cocktails.

I also ran into a girl who is a Facebook friend of mine and who did some "cosplay" of a Macross character recently. She was not in costume this time, though.

Adding coconut milk


Cleaning up stuff that was accidentally spilled :-)

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