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Thursday, January 16, 2014

More wedding photos

Me, wearing almost nice looking clothes

When I got home yesterday, I found a CD with photos of my in my mailbox. It was my friend who got married last year who had sent me a CD with the photos taken by the wedding photographer that I was visible in. The photographer was very funny and a good photographer, so some of the photos of me were quite nice too.

Me, the only foreigner, and the only one from Hokkaido at the wedding. And the only one who did not know anyone except the bride at the wedding... so I was kind of lonely, as this photo shows, haha.
Me, and some poor guy who got stuck sitting next to me who was kind enough to talk to me quite a lot.
Me taking a photo of the wedding photographer's business card and the wedding photographer at the same time. And being photographed by the wedding photographer doing it! Very meta.
The photo I was taking in the photo above.
"Do something with the knife and fork", I was told

** Update **

In the comments it was suggested that I put the two photos of me and the cameraman together, so here is a quick hack doing that:


  1. Riktigt bra foton!! :-) Och dom där där ni fotograferar varann samtidigt är ju häftigt! :-) Du borde sätta ihop dom till en bild!!

    1. Tack, och visst är det bra bilder. Jag borde leta upp en bra fotograf härikring och fotografera mig i alla möjliga kläder också, har jag kommit fram till. Men först borde jag nog gå ned i vikt... tänkte jag. :-)

      Jag testade att sätta ihop fotona och det blev väl sådär (det gick lite fort :-) ).

  2. Alltså.. Gå ner i vikt??!! Hm... Men en bra idé att fota dig i dina olika coola outfits!! :-)