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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Coming of age day

Yesterday was the 成人式 (seijinshiki, coming of age day) here in Japan, and people who have turned 20 years old since the last coming of age day dress up and have ceremonies (and photos taken) to celebrate that they are now adults (and they can now vote, smoke, drink etc.).

Men often wear suits (and some women do too) and women often wear colorful kimonos (some men wear Japanese clothing, though much less colorful; usually they wear hakama). I like these colors and clothes. In Sapporo, coming of age day is a bit cold, so I guess your feet might not like this type of clothing.

I have been thinking of going to one of the places were tourists can try on Japanese kinonos and have photos taken in traditional Japanese settings, but I never get around to it. The closest I have come so far is when I dressed up as a geisha in Kyoto. Which was fun, though.

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