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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Tenpura! And deep fried ice cream

Some of the tenpura fried things I got
Some side dishes that came with my food
More tenpura
On my final day in Saitama, I went to Tokyo to do some shopping before going to the airport. My brother and his wife also tagged along, and we went to a tenpura restaurant for lunch. It was very nice.

They also had deep fried (tenpura style) ice cream, which was also good.


  1. Heter det inte Tempura?? Eller är det en svensk "felstavning"+ För här heter det så... ??

    1. Det beror väl lite på hur man transkriberar japanskan. Att skriva det tempura är nog ganska vanligt.

  2. Ok.. :-) I Sverige har jag aldrig sett det med n..