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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Panora Magic, Ikebukuro (Tokyo) magic shop

Using my Google skills, I had found a magic shop in Ikebukuro (where we were shopping) and we decided to go there to see if they had something interesting to sell.

The place was pretty easy to find, quite close to the Ikebukuro station. It was located in a fairly shady looking building, and I liked the sign that said: "Panora Magic: Open" in a completely black window in a house that looked like a normal apartment building. The stairs up to the store also looked very little like stairs leading to a store.

Inside, it was a very typical Japanese magic shop. The guy working there was very funny. He showed us lots of magic tricks and was quite helpful when I asked what type of joke a certain product was etc. He said that based on my choice of t-shirt, he guessed I would like that magic trick (I was wearing the "I am not Japanese" shirt). He was right.

I bought a bunch of stuff, and my brother and sister-in-law also seemed to have a good time.

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