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Friday, January 3, 2014

Saitama curry, Sapporo curry, SKE48 curry

Today I went to my first ever restaurant in Saitama (which also happens to be my first restaurant visit this year). We went to Coco壱番屋, a cheap curry place. They have restaurants in Sapporo too, but there is not that much open in this part of the country during the New Year holidays, and coco壱 is good, so why not.

I had "Cheese in Hamburger curry, Super spicy", which was good.

In Sapporo, "soup curry" is quite popular. This is a Sapporo (or at least Hokkaido) invention, and this type of food is not generally available outside Hokkaido (though some soup curry places have recently opened stores in for example Tokyo).

Now, in the coco壱 place we went to, they had a campaign trying to get people to eat soup curry. This was apparently a collaboration with SKE48, which is one local unit from Nagoya of the AKB48 strange pop group. AKB48 has uncountable members that sing and dance and are (if I understand correctly) a pop group. It seems to have started as "let's make a group of young girls that dress in super short skirts and have nerds look at their panties while they sing and dance".

What SKE48 has to do with soup curry is unclear.

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