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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Crane games, magic, and food

My crane game winnings
Yesterday I met one of my magic hobbyist friends. We had Japanese food and talked about magic for a few hours. While waiting for him to get off work (he works holidays and Sundays too), I played a ユーフォーキャッチャー (UFO-catcher, crane game) in an arcade. I played only once, and as luck would have it I got what I wanted, and more. I wanted a small pen knife shaped like a Japanese katana ("samurai sword"). I rarely manage to pick anything in these games, but this time I got it on the first try, and it scraped two other pen knives with it too. I want to use it for one of my magic tricks.  I tried it out later that night in our magic bar, and it seems to work very well. Much better than the pen I used to use.

Playing with a new magic prop



Shrimps in mayo, which I had not had in a long time

Ramen salad

Rice wrapped in bacon

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