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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Juice that tastes like cough drops that taste like oranges

Two new products showed up in our university coop. One is an energy drink called "Beast Eye", where the logo is a bit strange. If you orient the can so that the lion in the logo is correctly oriented, the text is upside down. And of course, if you orient it so that the text is readable, the lion is upside down. Why would you make that design choice...

The next strange product is vegetable juice. This in itself is not so strange, but is says that it tastes like "cough drops that taste of honey and orange". So, cough drops that "taste of orange" do not taste like orange, so juice tasting like orange and juice tasting like orange tasting cough drops have different taste, but again, why would you choose the synthetic cough drop taste for your juice??

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