Friday, July 10, 2015

Magic on tanabata

July 7 is "tanabata" in Japan, though since Hokkaido is usually still pretty cold in the beginning of June, here tanabata is celebrated on August 7 instead. I figured that since I am not from Hokkaido, I can celebrate it in July and put on a yukata and went out to find some food. I found some in the place where one of my friends work, but they were very busy and asked me to wait until things calmed down a bit. Which it did three hours later...

The food was excellent, though. Somen noodles and vegetables. While I was waiting, I was asked to do some magic for a newly wedded couple. I did a trick I sometimes do at weddings, were Japanese alphabet cards spell out "And live happily ever after!". Which in Japanese is luckily only four letters long.

I then had lots and lots of photos taken of me, and I guess most of them were sent to the poor newlyweds, who are probably not that interested in photos of me...

When I was just waiting around and had nothing to do, I took some selfies and put them on Facebook, explaining I had to take them using the timer on the cell phone camera, since I was all alone. Some people commented that that sounded very sad and lonely, some that they found this instructive ("how to have fun when alone"). Some said "tanabata is in August in Sapporo, you should do this again in August". I said that since I don't really have any friends that want to hang out with me, I would probably be drinking alone in August too. Then two people replied with "Hurray!"... Which sounded a bit coldhearted to me.

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